Water distillation unit – Bormax WSQ-4 & XL Bhanu – India

Water distillation unit – Bormax WSQ-4 Bhanu – India

Model: Bormax WSQ-4/XL

Manufacturer: Bhanu – India

Origin: India


  • Silica Heater
  • Gate valve to prevent water wastage
  • Flow switch for boiler safety
  • Teflon drain cock for easy maintaenance
  • High quality distillate
  • Power-coated stand
  • Built-in Safety


Output: 4lt/hr

Distilled Water quality: PH 5.5-6.0

Conductivity: 1.0 – 2.0 µS/cm

Distillate quality: Pyrogen – free

Electrical Power: 220/240V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 3KW Silica Heater

Cooling water requirement: 1.5lt/min

Minnimum pressure: 3 p.s.i

Dimensions (WxDxL): 600x185x480 mm

Weight: 8kgs (app)

Model: Bomax WSQ-4 XL

Along with the standard features listed above, the XL model has the additional advantage of the Presure Temperature Switch (PTS). The PTS protects the still from overheating. If the water level in the boiler falls below that of the heater, the unit will switch off immediately.

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